Custom Lampshades

A bespoke lampshade is the perfect way to express your unique style in your home, top that antique lamp base you’ve been holding onto, and makes an incredibly thoughtful gift for a loved one. Whether you’re looking for something traditional and elegant or a wacky novelty lampshade, I’d love to work with you on crafting the lampshade of your dreams!

The process

First I’ll need to know if you already have a lamp base. I don’t typically sell them myself, but I’d be happy to help you source one once your lampshade is designed. So you DON’T need one for us to move forward with a lampshade, but if you do already have one please send:
1) A photo of the lamp
2) A total height measurement of the lamp NOT including the finial
3) A height measurement of the harp

Some lampshades work differently but the above is just the standard. From there, I’ll send you all the frame shape options that would work well for your lamp and you can pick from those. If you don’t already have a lamp, I’ll send you the whole catalogue of frame shapes to pick from and can send you a height range to shoot for when looking for a lamp to pair with whichever frame you choose. Occasionally, people also reach out to ask if I can refurbish their existing lampshade, and the answer is yes!
We’ll then come up with a design based on your preferences and you can be as much or as little involved in the design process as you like. Some options to consider include lace, velvet, velvet or satin burnouts, pleated chiffon, appliqués, a “sugared” (aka glass micro beaded) image, kimono silks, rayon fringe, beaded fringe, tassels, antique trimmings, etc. Feel free to check out my previous works here for examples of these materials and techniques. You’re also welcome to send me any photos of the room it’ll go in as inspiration or any colors you’d like me to match.
Once we’ve picked out a frame shape and discussed design ideas, I’ll require a $50 custom design fee before I draw the design and source material options. I’ll then do a detailed drawing (or a couple if you want adjustments made) and send in about two weeks.
Once the design is nailed down, I’ll do some calculations and send you a quote, and if you agree I’ll send a Shopify link for your commission purchase. I offer the option to pay in two installments if you prefer—one before I start buying supplies and the other 2-4 months later when it’s complete and I’m ready to ship. That processing time will vary depending on my workload, but I’ll be able to give you a pretty accurate estimated ship date before your purchase.
My custom lampshades usually run about $400-$1500 depending on size/design with occasional outliers. If you have a certain budget, I can usually design within it. For reference, my average medium sized custom lampshade is generally around $650. For orders of more than one matching lampshade, the price per unit will be slightly lower.
I cannot guarantee a process video but I may make one if I have time to do so! I only have time to record the process for about 10% of lampshades I make.
If you’re interested, message me using the form below with info on what you’re looking for and photos/measurements of your lamp base if you happen to have one. If you don’t get a response within a couple days, please check the spam/junk folder. I look forward to hearing from you!