Frequently Asked Questions

When will you be restocking?

I will begin regularly posting one-of-a-kind lampshades and stock lampshades this summer. Until then, commissioning a custom lampshade is the only option to guarantee a lampshade for yourself, although my waitlist is currently extended into the summer as well. Sorry about the wait!


Do you sell lamp bases with your lampshades?

I don’t normally sell lamp bases and keep only a small collection of them for display purposes, but I’d be happy to help you source one to fit your lampshade. I’ve had a lot of luck finding them on eBay, FB Marketplace and of course antique shops.

Are these lampshades heat-safe?

My lampshades are made with a silk base layer. Silk is traditional lampshade material which is naturally more fire resistant than some other common lampshade materials like cotton and paper because it’s an animal protein. However, the heat of an incandescent bulb can weaken and discolor silk over time, so I always recommend warm toned LED bulbs to keep your lampshade in its best condition.


How do I clean my lampshade?

The easiest way I’ve found to dust your lampshade is to blow it with a hairdryer on the cool and low settings. 


Can I send you my existing lampshade to refurbish?

Absolutely! Send info on what you’re looking for and photos of your existing lampshade through my “Custom Lampshades” page. 

How are these lampshades shipped?

I ship all domestic orders with UPS Ground and international orders with USPS Priority Mail unless requested otherwise. All packages are insured. I pack in boxes with at least 2” clearance on all sides, wrap the lampshade with tissue paper, stuff with crushed paper, and seal with biodegradable tape.

Do I ship internationally?

Yes, I do! As long as the box isn’t too big for your country’s dimension restrictions.